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  • Dr. Anthony Andre is elected as Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Recognition of this honor will be made on Tuesday, October 23, at the Opening Plenary Session of the 2012 HFES Annual Meeting in Boston, MA...
  • Dr. Andre quoted in recent San Jose Mercury News article, Pedal pusher: Desk-bike marketer hopes to get more workers into shape, with his take on a new desk-bike...
  • Dr. Andre to host and chair the 2013 HFES Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care! The Symposium, titled "Advancing the Cause" will be held March 11-13, 2013, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland....
  • Dr. Andre to give podium presentation entitled "The Human Factors Top 10 List: Answers to the 10 Most Important Human Factors Questions for Obtaining FDA Approval for your Drug Delivery Device" at the 2012 PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference, October 15-17, Las Vegas, NV....
  • Dr. Andre presents invited talk on incorporating human factors inputs into early device design and selection activities and moderates FDA human factors panel at the 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care...
  • Dr. Andre presents opening plenary address at the 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care. The symposium was created, organized and chaired by Dr. Andre, in coordination with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of which he is the Immediate Past President. The symposium, held March 12-14 in Baltimore, was attended by 450 human factors professionals, health care industry representatives, health care provides and regulatory personnel...
  • IAA/Usernomics has moved our offices and research facility a short distance to the prestigious city of Saratoga, CA. We have built a new custom usability testing facility and welcome the change of venue after 19 years in Cupertino, CA. Click here for pictures of Dr. Andre during the construction of our new lab!...
  • IAA conducts comprehensive AED/CPR study in France. Read the recent whitepaper to find out which AEDs passed and which failed!...
  • Dr. Anthony Andre to Chair the HFES 2012 Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care (June 2011)...
  • Dr. Andre gives webinar presentation on "What Makes a Pre-Filled Syringe Usable and Ergonomic? Critical Human Factors Design Attributes and Interacting Factors, sponsored by the Parental Drug Association (PDA), July 14, 2011...
  • IAA leads Human Factors program that results in EU and FDA approval for the new Asante "Pearl" Insulin Pump. Details are found at: (June 2011)...
  • IAA wins contract with Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), the world's largest professional services firm (May 2011)...
  • Dr. Andre presents "Put Down that Workstation! How Software Usability and Expertise IS Office Ergonomics" as an Invited Speaker of the Bay Area Ergonomics Roundtable, held at the "We've Got your Back!" store in Los Gatos, CA May 18, 2011...
  • IAA conducted human factors/ergonomics analyses toward optimizing the design and user experience of the Peregrine Wearable Computer Interface ...
  • IAA helped incorporate ergonomics properties into the new Meglio handle/holder for the iPad. The design serves several common use cases and provides a flexible number of ways to hold, manipulate or stand the device...
  • Dr. Andre is quoted in recent blog discussing the user experience challenges associated with the recent trend of more complex applications used on mobile devices...
  • Dr. Andre featured on Dan Mulhern's radio show, "Everyday Leadership", discussing ergonomics in the workplace. (December 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre starts term as President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre serves as the Host Chair for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 54th Annual Meeting in San Francisco (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre organized and chaired a recent discussion panel titled "Blasphemy or Pragmatics? When NOT to Follow User-Centered Design Techniques" (Sept 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre speaks on medical device human factors at the "Universe of pre-filled syringes and injection devices" conference in Las Vegas (October 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre gives invited presentation "How software usability, expertise and workload impact ergonomics" to the UC Berkeley Ergonomics Summer Institute Course (July 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre gives invited presentation "To Err is Human, To Foresee is Human Factors: Improving Patient Safety Through Usability Engineering" to the Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference (March 2010)...
  • Dr. Andre is elected next President of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society HFES (August 2009)...
  • IAA wins the prestigious 2009 User Centered Design Award from the HFES Product Design Technical Group for their design of the Cardiac Science AED PowerHeart G3 Plus (August 2009)...
  • Dr. Andre is recipient of the San Jose State University, 2009 Davidson College of Engineering Oustanding Lecturer Award (2009)...

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  • Cancer Patients
  • Heart Disease Patients

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Human Factors & Ergonomics SocietyHuman Factors & Ergonomics Society
Usability Professionals AssociationUsability Professionals Association
AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
BCPEBoard of Certification in Professional Ergonomics

Usernomics / Interface Analysis Associates (IAA) Employees

Anthony D. Andre, Ph.D., CPE

Tony Andre

ANTHONY D. ANDRE received his Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology (Human Factors and Ergonomics) from the University of Illinois in 1991. He is also a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), recognized by the Board of Certification of Professional Ergonomists (BCPE).

In 1993, he founded Interface Analysis Associates (IAA), a Human Factors, Usability & Ergonomics consulting firm specializing in the design, analysis and usability testing of software/hardware user interfaces, computer input devices and ergonomic products, high-tech consumer products, software and Web applications, medical and life-saving devices, work environments and aerospace/automotive systems. Dr. Andre, along with his staff at IAA, has evaluated, usability tested and designed over 400 consumer products and human interface systems. IAA's design of a bio-tech software application was voted the Best New Life Science Product in 2008. In 2009 IAA was the recipient of the User-Centered Design Award, given out by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Prior to IAA, Dr. Andre was a Principal Scientist at NASA, where he headed the control/display evaluation laboratory and developed next-generation interfaces for aircraft cockpits and air traffic management systems.

As a co-founder of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program at San Jose State University, Dr. Andre has served as an Adjunct Professor of Ergonomics and Human Factors in the departments of Psychology and Industrial & Systems Engineering since 1993. He teaches graduate seminars and courses on workplace ergonomics, cognitive engineering, engineering psychology, research methods, usability testing, human factors experiments and professional issues. In 2009, Dr. Andre was selected to receive the San Jose State University College of Engineering's award for Outstanding Lecturer, given to only one adjunct faculty member each year in recognition of continuing excellence in teaching, service, and research that is above and beyond the expectations of his or her assignments. In addition, Dr. Andre was recognized by the University for 15 years of service in both the Psychology and Industrial & Systems Engineering Departments (as part of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Graduate Program).

Dr. Andre is the recipient of the 2009 College of Engineering Outstanding Lecturer Award.

Dr. Andre also holds various professional positions. He is currently the President-Elect of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES), and was previously the Domain Leader of Internal Affairs for HFES. He is also a Contributing Editor of Ergonomics in Design, a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Aviation Psychology, Past Director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Bay Area Chapter, Member of the Typing Injury FAQ Advisory Board, member of the Advisory Board and a Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Silicon Valley Ergonomics Institute.

Dr. Andre has received numerous awards and honors. He was the first recipient of the Earl Alluisi Award for Early Career Achievement, awarded by the American Psychological Association (APA), Division of Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychologists. In 1996, he received the Best Ergonomics in Design Article Award for his article "Better Taxiway Surface Markings, Safer Airports." In 1999 he received the SAE Wright Brothers Memorial Award for "An Evaluation of the Taxiway Navigation and Situation Awareness (T-NASA) System in High-Fidelity Simulation". This award is given to 'the best paper relating to the invention, development, design, construction or operation of an aircraft and/or spacecraft."

Dr. Andre is the author of over 120 publications and has presented numerous invited addresses, panel presentations, technical lectures and workshops and seminars on various human factors, usability and workplace ergonomics topics.

Contact Dr. Andre at (408)342-9052 or

Jennifer Kingsburg, M.S.

Jennifer received her B.S. in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook, in 1999, and completed her Masters Degree in Human Factors at San Jose State University in 2004. Jennifer's skills are focused on User Interface Design and Usability Testing. Her thesis A Comparison of Three-Level Web Menu Structures for Web Design examined the optimal presentation of multi-level menu structures for commercial web sites.

Since joining IAA in 2000 Jennifer has worked on a variety of interface design, usability evaluation and testing projects. She is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomis Society (HFES) and the Usability Professionals Associatoin (UPA).

Steve Shelden, M.S.

Steve began his professional Human Factors career with NASA in 1993, designing and testing advanced flight deck displays. He completed his Masters degree in 1996. Recent IAA design projects include a public transit agency Ticket Vending Machine (TVM); Customer Resource Management (CRM), Network Management and Fault Diagnosis, and Commercial Loan Company applications; and several medical / surgical appliance interfaces.

Steve is passionate about, and greatly enjoys, both the quiet precision necessary to good design, and the interaction with users afforded by the review and testing process. His hobbies include motorcycling and woodworking.

Jamie Lueke, M.S.

Jamie Lueke earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology from UCLA in 2006. She was given the opportunity to acquire valuable research experience in Human Factors working at San Jose State University's Human Automation Integration Laboratory (HAIL) where she was responsible for analyzing operational error reports in air traffic control identifying cognitive errors. At HAIL she gained a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in conducting research that could ultimately improve the safety and efficiency of the National Airspace System which inspired her to pursue a higher degree in the field.

In 2009, Jamie received her Masters Degree in Human Factors & Ergonomics from San Jose State University. While attending SJSU she took on the role of Vice President of the SJSU HFES student chapter. Jamie is also an active a member of the national HFES program and BayCHI.

Jamie joined IAA in 2007, where she has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience performing usability testing, interface design and evaluation of an extensive range of consumer products. IAA is a wonderful environment for Jamie because it provides the outlet to indulge her fascination in human perception and cognition by way of improving the user experience.

Katie Ek, B.S.

Katie Ek received her B.S. in Cognitive Science from UCLA in 2009, and plans to complete her Masters Degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics at San Jose State University in 2011. While at UCLA, Katie assisted in a psychology research lab dedicated to human memory, focusing specifically on characteristics of learning and forgetting. She played a key role in developing an experiment to determine how motivation to remember influences memory performance. Since joining the human factors field, Katie has enjoyed learning how to apply her knowledge of cognition and psychology to analyzing and developing intelligent and usable interfaces and products. She is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and is currently serving as President of the SJSU HFES Student Chapter.

Lina Urdaneta, B.S.

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the National University of Colombia, Lina Urdaneta moved to the Bay Area to study Multimedia and Web Design, which led her to a graphic design position where she applied her creativity and design skills on projects aimed to improve the visual communication of technical information delivered to clients within an engineering company.

Lina is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Human Factors and Ergonomics at San Jose State University and expects to graduate in 2011. Since joining the Human Factors and Ergonomics program, Lina has been focused on the development of new creative and efficient ways to improve the ease of use of everyday products and user interfaces, by analyzing the way people interact with them, and using her extensive industrial and graphic design skills to design effective and innovative solutions.

Lina is a member of the Human Factor and Ergonomics Society (HFES), BayCHI, and SJSU HFES. She is also currently serving as Secretary/Treasurer of the SJSU HFES student chapter executive council, as well as being part of the Host Committee for the HFES 2010 annual meeting as one of the heads of the newsletter subcommittee.

Usernomics / Interface Analysis Associates (IAA) Associates

Leon Segal, Ph.D.

Dr. Leon Segal was an original partner in Interface Analysis Associates with Dr. Anthony Andre. Leon is a cognitive psychologist with over two decades of experience in the application of cognitive science and ergonomics to product innovation and team creativity. He has used the analysis of people's everyday experience, and the subsequent emergence of empathy, to conceptualize new designs in a broad range of contexts: from aircraft cockpits and medical products, through consumer products to retail and office environments. Leon has worked with a diverse range of leading companies worldwide, including 3M, AIG, BMW, IDEO, Israel Discount Bank, Medtronic, Microsoft, NASA, Palm and Steelcase. He is founder of LivingPatterns (2002) and currently resides in Israel. Leon works with Usernomics/IAA on selected projects and brings with him an unparalleled set of innovation and ethnography skills.

Joe Masquelier, B.S.

Joe Masquelier is an industrial designer out of Tracy, California and supports Usernomics on many instructional design and illustration projects. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from San Jose State University, Joe went out to become the founder and principal designer of Masq Design, LLC, an industrial and graphic design consultancy. Joe utilizes a tried and true design process formulated around "" to produce thoughful and thorough design solutions that work. In addition to collaborating with clients across the biomedical, information technology, UX, and consumer electronics industries, Joe also works as a furniture designer, where he incorporates a passion for furniture design with a strong knowledge of ergonomics and usability standards to create many leading home office and home entertainment products around the world.

Usernomics / Interface Analysis Associates (IAA) Alumni

Leon Segal Dalene Shin Henry Cutler Nutan Panwar
David Tu Michael Janzen Julian Orr April Williams
Kevin Purcell Joanne Lins David Hird Alex Logan
Brenden Tu Aaron Sklar Soha Sadek Stephanie Lev
Steve Casner Kenneth Scott Wright Jamie Kravitz David Law
Wanning Chu Jason Vizmanos Matt Mainini Steve Tamekuni
Lisa Choo

Robert Kaplan, Ph.D.


Engineering Psychology and Instructional Psychology

Robert Kaplan

We are saddened to announce that Bob passed away this past August, 2009. Bob had been a leader in the fields of Human Factors, User Interface Design, and Technical Documentation & Training.

He was principal of Usernomics and had been involved in several businesses and academic pursuits. He blended his background in Instructional Psychology and Engineering Psychology to increase the usability of both hardware and software.

Dr. Kaplan participated in writing the initial Military Standards for Human Factors and for Technical Training along with over 300 publications in these fields. He also participated in the early development of Windows, Icons, and the Mouse interface for the STAR system while under contract to Xerox Parc.

Bob will be missed by all!

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